What is the purpose of the Mauritius Research Repository? 
The Mauritius Research Repository can be considered as a collection of research works, articles, reports and media related to the Republic of Mauritius or by an author of Mauritian origin to which the public can have access.

What type of publications are available in the repository? 
Any published report, articles, works and media related to the Republic of Mauritius or by an author of Mauritian origin.

How can I contact an author?
To contact an author, please send a request to the Administrator through the Contact Us page.

Why should I upload my research work in the repository? 
The repository publishes your research work by making them publicly available.

By publishing/sharing your work, you will benefit from:

  • Increased impact of your research: Your research work may be cited by other researchers.
  • Increased collaboration: Other researchers, institutions or companies would be aware of your research.
  • Future research: Your research may allow further research and application of the research outputs leading to innovation and commercialisation.

Can my institution upload their research work? 
Yes. A request needs to be submitted to the MRIC by the Head of the Institution and an employee designated to upload the research works.

I am a researcher, can my research work be included in the repository? 
The MRIC encourages all recognised researchers to include their published articles, report or works in the repository. To do so, a researcher should first register as a Publisher. Once approved by the administrator, the publisher can upload his/her published articles, report or works.

I found one of my publications in the repository. How do I claim it?
If you find publications in the repository, you can 'claim' them under your profile by registering as a publisher and sending a request to the administrator.

Can I upload a publication on behalf of a colleague?
You can only upload a publication on behalf of a colleague if you are a co-author on the publication. The repository will not allow you to release a document unless you are listed as an Author to the publication and registered as a publisher.